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Hashnix.Club Registration

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Registration Form

(Copy/paste the format below into a new e-mail to flipperzero@hashnix.club
and fill out each field with the corresponding details. Send in after filling out form w/ current info.) 
[alternate: support@hashnix.club]

Hashnix Sign-up
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Sign-up Details

Thank you for your consideration in choosing Hashnix to be your venue for
creative output as well as a resource for publicly accessible network tools.

Below you'll find a fill-out sign-up form, which you must send to
email address flipperzero@hashnix.club or alternatively send
a message to support@hashnix.club in order to have your registration processed.

Fill-out form will contain fields related to your preferred username,
contact email where to reach you to confirm your successful registration and login details,
a short bio about what you and what you like, as well as what piqued your interest in Hashnix
and how you'd like to take part in this public system.

Additionally, you can optionally provide your own generated public SSH key you'd like
associated with your user profile, if you decide against password-login. Otherwise,
you will be sent a generic or randomly-generated password, with which you'll be able
to first login and then use 'passwd' in order to change your password from the default to
your password of choice.

(IMPORTANT NOTICE [according to the Acceptable Usage Policy]: We advise you to not use any
passwords or usernames associated with any previous accounts you might possess in other platforms,
especially if those passwords relate to accounts with sensitive and private details. Individual
users are solely responsible for their own security strength. Hashnix is not held accountable for
any vulnerabilities directly related to weak encryption settings and/or negligent prevention
practices and will not be held accountable in the event of a breached user found to have dismissed
their responsibility to safeguard their data.)