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welcome to

 - a pubnix for everybud - 

Hashnix is a non-commercial, free to join pubnix.
All services are provided free-of-charge as public service.
Pass by and hang out @ the Public Access Stoner System

Services include: Free shell account (SSH), Group chat (dream, authored by ~ffog),
Site-hosting (Gopher, Gemini, HTTP), Bulletin Board (bbj), E-mail, 
+ more available programs by signing up for membership
and logging into the system.

Make yourself at home,
feel free to check out the links above for more info.

Site updates and user count can be found at "news",
documentation and terms at "docs", and sign-up information
under the "register" page.

 please email for registration details.
~details available in email~.

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(in case of support contact
[All Hashnix content licensed either under CC BY-SA 3.0 - 4.0]
[Registered users define their own licensing and own all their own content]