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hashnix_radio c:

here at hashnix, we encourage open participation
amongst all users of the system, as well as collaboration
or contribution from eager volunteers to the system
and creative space that is hashnix.

all that said, please, feel free to listen in
to our community-driven icecast internet station

NEW: Archive @ https://hashnix.club/mix/

>> status: LIVE when we are. ;) Tune in! <<
[direct links for your external media player:]
click here for the HTTPS stream:hashnix radio [HTTPS]
click here for the HTTP stream:hashnix radio [HTTP]

if you'd like to participate, open mic details are below
as well as on the "bbj" in shell access on the pubnix.
We also have local groupchat "dream" where you can find
other members online and coordinate when streaming after
the other. Alternately, you'll find no one is streaming
via the /mix archive page if no mix is actively being
archived, feel free to stream in and record. :D

- address: hashnix.club \ port: 8000 (https:8010) 
- user/mount: hashjam
- pass: wejammin2nite
- type: icecast2

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