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How to submit music to play on Hashnix Radio

Hashnix is a system which prides itself in enabling the creative projects of users
who seek to express themselves in an unrestricted open and accessible environment.
We invite anybody to participate in either DJ'ing the open mic mount available
either via registration/login to the system and/or stream details posted on the
gemini:// mainpage for Hashnix. Besides streaming, we also encourage anybody
to submit their music to be played on the Hashnix Radio autoplay.

Music submissions can be made by following the steps outlined below this field.
Be advised, submissions must either be mp3, ogg, or opus files uploaded via
reputable file storage hosting (e.g. mega, mediafire, dropbox, etc), links to
uploads through streaming services (soundcloud, youtube, bandcamp), or if
a direct download/attachment then at least a low-fi lo-bit mp3/ogg (size constraints).

[prohibited: we will NOT accept submissions which contain
content considered hateful, racist, sexist, homophobic, misanthropic, misogynist,
right-wing, extremist, and encouraging any violence to oppressed people.]

    Music submission:

  1. Email flipperzero@hashnix.club
  2. Title the email's subject as "Hashnix Radio: [your artist/band tag] submission"
  3. (no brackets, replace with your projects title)
  4. Write a short summary of your music, including genre, influence, and credits
  5. Post links to your music + any promotional pages you host
  6. Optional: add any reference/referral to anyone else you think would be a good fit

Most submissions will be accepted except for any reasons which include prohibited
materials as carefully detailed and mentioned above. Give at least a week or two for
your submission to show up on the playlist, though you will receive a prompt email
back notifying you of your accepted submission. Once submission is successful, you
are invited to share the radio with your peers, and continue to submit more music
for broadcast over Hashnix Radio airwaves. Thank you for your participation. :)